Kindergarten 2017

  Welcome to Kindergarten!                                         Wednesday, September 6, 2017


We are very excited to be your child’s teachers this year.  We can appreciate that today you are probably feeling a little excited, a little nervous and even a little sad that your little one is taking such a big step!  We will do our very best to ensure that your child has a wonderful year in kindergarten.


While many of your questions regarding school routines and curriculum will be addressed on curriculum night (September 21st), we would like to mention a few items today:


School doors open at 8:10 and classes begin at 8:30.  For the first week of school parents may proceed to their child’s locker to help assist them getting undressed, changing their shoes, hanging up their backpacks and bringing their mailbags and snack boxes into the classroom. Starting on Monday we encourage you to drop your child off and we will meet them at their lockers to help them. Dismissal is at 2:35 daily.  Kindergarten students will be dismissed at the back door of the school and parents are asked to wait outside until the children are dismissed one at a time.  Please do not attempt to take your child from the class line as it is very important that each child is dismissed safely.  It will take us a little while to become acquainted with parents/guardians so please assist us with this process.


Kindergarten bus students may begin taking the bus on Monday, September 11th. 


Gym will take place on days 2, 4 and 7 so please ensure your child is dressed in the appropriate clothing on these days.  Students should arrive in the clothing they will wear for Gym.  A school calendar will be sent home shortly.  Tuesday (Day 2) is a Gym day.


Your child will bring home a “mailbag” today.  The bag will contain completed work and important messages for you.  Please take a moment each night to discuss your child’s schoolwork with him/her as it portrays an important message that their work is important to you.  It will also let you know some of the topics that we are discussing at school.  Completed work should be kept at home unless otherwise specified.


Please return mailbags to school daily in your child’s schoolbag.  Any messages for us should be placed inside the bag.


Each student may bring a water bottle to school (containing water only) to drink throughout the day.  At your earliest convenience, please send in a headset (no ear buds) for your child to use at our technology centers if you have one at home.  The headset should be clearly labelled and placed in a ziplock bag/case.


If you wish to contact us at any time, please do so by email at or or by sending a note in your child’s mailbag. 


We will have much more information to pass along to you during our curriculum night so please make every effort to attend.  We look forward to getting to know both you and your child in the coming weeks.


Ms. Conroy and Mrs. Kennedy