November 7th-November 10th        

·        Number 6 Math activity

·        Read the poem Feelings with your child.  Point to each specific word while reading.  TIP:  For example, line 2 of the poem contains the word “sad”  Ask your child to locate this word in line 2 and ask them  how they knew what word to choose (responses may include:  “it begins with the letter Ss” or “there is a picture of a sad face at the end of the sentence”.)

  • Attached is a list of star words that your child has been exposed to through poetry and other classroom reading/writing activities.  While it is not expected that your child commit these to memory, I am making them available to you if you wish to review them with your child.  Some parents have expressed an interest in obtaining a list.  You can cut the words and display them in a familiar place on your home.

Coming up:

·        Easter Seals, I Can, Too Presentation for students on Wednesday November 9th

·        No School on Remembrance Day, Friday, November 11

Thank you:

Thank you to all who were able to attend and contribute to our annual Halloween Fair.  Thank you so much for all those who made this event possible!